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March 2018

Thursday 1st March 2018 Saint David Patron of Wales
Saturday 3rd March 201818:00Colkirk Compline/Evening Prayer
Sunday 4th March 201808:30Gateley Eucharist BCP
10:30Whissonsett Eucharist
10:30Ryburgh Morning Worship
Wednesday 7th March 201810:00Colkirk Eucharist (said)
19:30Lent Course
All Shall Be Well: Julian of Norwich

Colkirk Rectory
Saturday 10th March 201800:00Colkirk Compline/Evening Prayer
09:30Ryburgh Book Sale
Flowers and gifts for Mothering Sunday; coffee, cake and light lunches.
13:15Ryburgh lunchtime organ recital
"The Georgian Organ" Edward Barnaby
18:00Colkirk Compline/Evening Prayer
Sunday 11th March 2018 Mothering Sunday
08:30Horningtoft Eucharist BCP
10:30Brisley Eucharist BCP
10:30Colkirk Eucharist
10:30Morning Worship
Wednesday 14th March 201810:00Colirk Eucharist (said)
10:30Brisley Social
Coffee, cakes, chatter.
Book sale organised by Saint Bartholomew's, Brisley.
12:00Ryburgh Lent Lunch
13.15 "Food Banks - Do We Need Them?" David Pearson, Mid-Norfolk Food Bank
13:00Whissonsett Soup and Afters
Village Hall.
Proceeds to the Church. [See Forthcoming Events poster.]
19:30Lent Course
All Shall Be Well: Julian of Norwich

Colkirk Rectory
Friday 16th March 201809:30Ryburgh Eucharist BCP (said)
Saturday 17th March 2018 Patrick Patron of Ireland
18:00Colkirk Compline/Evening Prayer
Sunday 18th March 2018 Passiontide begins
08:30Shereford Eucharist
10:30Ryburgh Choral Eucharist BCP
10:30Whissonsett Eucharist
10:30Colkirk Eucharist
11:45Colkirk: Vestry and APCM meetings
Annual meetings (see Upper Wensum Diary for more information).
Tuesday 20th March 2018 Brisley "Soup and Sweet"
Donations to raise funds for porch repairs.
Book a place: Hugh Fawcett 01362 667813
Wednesday 21st March 201810:00Colkirk Eucharist (said)
19:30Lent Course
All Shall Be Well: Julian of Norwich

Colkirk Rectory
Thursday 22nd March 201800:00Ryburgh WW1 Commemorative Peal
19:00Horningtoft: Vestry and APCM meetings
See "Upper Wensum Diary" for information.
Friday 23rd March 201809:30Whissonsett Informal Morning Prayer
Saturday 24th March 201818:00Colkirk Compline/Evening Prayer
Sunday 25th March 2018 BST Begins
08:30Horningtoft Eucharist
10:20Whissonsett Playing Field Procession
10:30Whissonsett Eucharist
Shorter Service
18:00Ryburgh Evensong/Passion Gospel
Monday 26th March 2018 Monday in Holy Week
Tuesday 27th March 2018 Tuesday in Holy Week
Wednesday 28th March 2018 Wednesday in Holy Week
10:00Colirk Eucharist (said)
12:00Ryburgh Lent Lunch
13.15 "Living Without Plastic" Jennifer Lonsdale OBE Director of the Environmental Investigation Agency
Thursday 29th March 2018 Maundy Thursday
11:00Norwich Cathedral Chrism Eucharist
All parishes invited.
18:00Ryburgh 'Manilavium' (hand-washing) Service
Joined by Walsingham young pilgrims
Friday 30th March 2018 GOOD FRIDAY
09:30Ryburgh Eucharist BCP (said)
10:00Colkirk Julian Meeting
Colkirk Rectory
10:45Colkirk Morning Prayer
Student Cross
12:00Ryburgh Stations of the Cross
13:20Horningtoft Walk with the Cross
14:00Whissonsett Devotional Hour
Saturday 31st March 2018 Holy Saturday
18:00Colkirk Compline/Evening Prayer
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